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The Holistic Business Hub offers holistic practitioners, business professionals, and SOULpreneurs a beautiful calming inspired venue to host their own workshops, seminars, conferences, classes, networking events, breakfast meetings, and marketing presentations.


Our Mission is: to build a Holistic Business Hub community of awesome people creating collective inspired growth, through the delivery of and participation in experiential and theoretical events. A community where we can teach, learn, collaborate and grow. A community that subscribes to the holistic vision where everyone is interconnected to create a greater whole.



The Shop

The Shop is a beautifully lit space located in the front of the venue. This space has been set up to cater for all forms of business training, social meetups, networking events and even make for a great workout space. Clean, white with polished floors, this space opens the mind for learning.

Hosting up to 36 in theatre style seating, 24 boardroom style seating and 12 in a yoga style workout environment.

The Lounge

The Lounge is ideal for small groups, the energy in the space is warm and comforting. This room was specifically designed to cater to holistic health groups, book readings and intimate workshops. The room is located in the back of the premises, away from the commotion of daily life.

Hosting up to 10 in a yoga/mediation class, 15 theatre style seating and 8 in a board room style environment.

The Communal

This is a communal space where our guests have to opportunity to take a break, enjoy a hot beverage and have a good old chat.

This room has a bookshelf full of great books that our guests can borrow, a comfy couch on which our guests can relax and a fridge that can be filled with goodies that you can offer to your participants.

The Car Park

We have room for our presenters to park their car on site! However, for your participants, there is a large car park directly out the back. Making it really easy for your guests to join your event and not stress about where they should leave their car.

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